Wii Fit Canada

The wii fit is a great way to get in shape! It’s fun and Canadians are buying them in droves!
Buy the Wiifit.

The question i get the most: What do you need to use the wii fit?
You need: The Wii + a controller + wii fit software + wii fit balance board. You wont need to buy this individually. You can buy them in bundles. Check out the product links for more info.
If you click any of the links above you can purchase these wiifit accessories.

There are other games beyond the standard wii fit software. Check them out. Most of them will get you into great shape ASAP!

About us

We love the wii fit. Canada, wake up, it’s a great way to get in shape and have fun. You can combine your love of video games and exercise and feeling healthy and looking good. And, you don’t even have to go outside. You can do it inside while staring at a screen!
We love the wiifit soo much, we created this website. On it, you can buy the wiifit (through Amazon.ca) or read more about how great it is. We plan on having articles about the positive health effects of the wii fit and other media. Additionally, there is more software constantly coming out that is compatible with the wii fit.


Wiifit.ca is not affiliated with the Nintendo Corporation or Nintendo of America. We are simply a website for wii fit sales through amazon.ca and a place for wii fit enthusiasts to post their tales!